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Enjoy a refined tea experience with our Creative Wooden Coasters. Made from selected Beech, Pine, & Black Walnut, these coasters are sturdy, heat-insulated, and have a fine, rounded finish. Comes in a set of 5 with a convenient holder. Eco-friendly and easy to maintain.

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Product Introduction

Introducing our high-quality, creative wooden coasters – the ideal companion for your favorite cup of tea. Crafted from strictly selected wood material, our coasters are robust, practical, and finely rounded for a smooth premium finish.

Our carefully designed set includes five pieces, allowing easy and convenient storage. Each coaster is thickened up to 10mm, offering optimal heat insulation and a non-slip design. This is further supported by a specialized notch design and anti-slip pad, preventing your cups from slipping and falling, and ensuring your tabletops always remain damage-free.

Our coasters are not only useful but also attractive, serving as the perfect minimalistic addition to your workspace, afternoon tea table, office, and other spaces. Aesthetically pleasing, the coasters showcase the natural wood grain and texture, adding a touch of rustic charm.

The wood undergoes multi-process sanding to ensure no burrs remain, and only environmentally friendly water-based paint is used, making it easy to clean and maintain while being kinder to the environment.

Our coasters are available in three distinct materials – the robust Beech, the versatile Pine, and the rich Black Walnut. Each material adds its unique touch, offering varied sizes and designs for you to choose from. Whether adorned with the simplistic elegance of round edges or the symmetry and balance of square edges, our coasters are designed to cater to every individual’s style and preference.

Experience the perfect blend of utility, quality, and style with these solid wood coasters, demonstrating that true beauty lies in the details. The simplicity and versatility of these coasters are bound to elevate your beverage experience!

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Irregular shape


Japanese style

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Coaster Type

Beech Box, Beech Outer Square Inner Round, Beech Round, Beech Round Groove, Beech Square, Beech Square Groove, Black Walnut Box, Black Walnut Outer Square Inner Round, Black Walnut Round, Black Walnut Round Groove, Black Walnut Square, Black Walnut Square Groove, Pine Holder, Pine Round, Pine Round Groove, Pine Square, Pine Outer Square Inner Round, Pine Square Groove


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